Chocolate Dragees

500 grams, Various Colours
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Traditional Chocolate Dragees containing high quality chocolate coated with a fine layer of sugar.  Great both in taste and style for all occasions.

All our confectionery is of the highest quality and always has a long 'use by' date.

Please note, colour shades can vary in each batch.

Allergen Information Dragee Filling: Contains Milk and Soya
Ingredients Inside: Sugar, Cocoa paste, Cocoa butter, Emilsifier (Soya Lecithin), Flavours. Minimum contents cocoa: 50%. Cocoa butter: 29/30%. Outside: Sugar, Rice starch, Thickening (Arabic gum), Malto dextrin. Coating agent: Carnauba wax. Vanillin. Pure plain chocolate minimum 37%. Colourings: White E171, Pink E120, Azure E131, Red E120-E101, Yellow E101, Dark blue E132, Green E101 -E133, Blue E131, Orange E160a, Ivory E150b. Silver-plated colour with E174, Gold E174-E100.
Product Weight 500 grams
Quantity 115 approx